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Pius Gabor

Pius Gabor is the new men's shoe brand from Gabor Shoes, named after the founder of the company. The Pius collection focuses on sneakers and boots and offers a fresh interpretation of the main shoe types within the men's segment. Sportiness, quality and style define the look of the brand.


The German shoe brand Gabor has been making women’s feet happy for over six decades by producing comfortable, fashionable shoes. No two people have feet that are exactly alike. That is why Gabor’s extensive collection includes different features to make sure each model has a perfect fit and every woman can find her ideal pair of shoes.

Gabor Bags

Since 2001, Gabor has been working together with its licensing partner Beheim to present a collection of handbags. The collection contains a wide range of sizes, colours and prints, always in line with the latest trends and perfectly matching with Gabor’s shoe collection. The bags are made of high-quality imitation leather, which means they are offered at a very reasonable price.

Aunts & Uncles

Aunts & Uncles manufactures high-quality bags and accessories since 2004. On the one hand, these bags pay tribute to traditional values such as family, trust, honesty and loyalty, while on the other hand, they are created from the desire to make something beautiful out of robust, authentic materials.


Bridas is Spanish brand that is entirely new on the Belgian market. The bags are made of leather and are designed and created in Bridas's own studio. This allows a personal design with numerous possibilities and various choices of materials, coulors and accessoiries. It is the brand's biggest asset, since every bag can be given a unique look.


Binnari was founded in 2015 and offers a collection of leather-free sacs from the same studio as Bridas. Binnaripresents a wide range of products, ranging from shoppers and clutches to wallets and shoulder bags. The bags have a elegant look and are always in line with the latest trends.

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