The German shoe brand Gabor has been making women’s feet happy for over six decades by producing comfortable, fashionable shoes. No two people have feet that are exactly alike. That is why Gabor’s extensive collection includes different features to make sure each model has a perfect fit and every woman can find her ideal pair of shoes. Gabor shoes are perfect for women who are searching for high-quality products that are a pleasure to wear and look absolutely fabulous.

A little bit of history: In 1949, Gabor took its first steps in becoming the success story that it is today, when the brothers Bernhard and Joachim Gabor founded a shoe factory near Hamburg. The Gabor California’s, later on followed by the Ago ballerinas, become an instant hit. Sixteen years later, Gabor moves its headquarters to Rosenheim, where the company is still based today. Since the company management was handed over to Achim Gabor – son of Joachim – in 2005, the company has gained momentum and has been rapidly developing.

Each year, more than 10 million pairs of shoes are produced. Gabor targets a vast audience and offers more than 400 models and 1.600 colour variations. Ever since the start, Gabor’s strength has been its excellent price/quality ratio. Each collection offers different widths and includes a wide range of models with extra features, such as removable insoles, while still presenting the latest trends in shoe fashion. As such, Gabor proves that comfort and style can be a perfect match.